Sunday, 24 June 2007


20,000 people are estimated to be on death row across the world

3,861 people were sentenced to death in 55 countries

1,591** prisoners were executed in 25countries; this fell from 2,148 prisoners executed in 22countries in 2005

128 countries do not execute people (having abolished the death penalty in law or practice)

99 of whom have abolished the death penalty in law for all ordinary crimes – the Philippines became the 99th in 2006

91% of all known executions took place in 6countries: China, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan and the USA

69 countries still use the death penalty

65 people were known to be executed in Iraq in 2006

3 had been executed in 2005

* Figures presented for executions and sentences include only those known to Amnesty International; the true totals are higher.

** This figure is higher than that published in the Amnesty International Report 2007 as it includes information received in the last few weeks.

Source: Amnesty International

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